27. 10. 2017, Rozhovory

Video-interview with Olle Strandberg about Underman-Underart-Under

Olle Strandberg is a Swedish director who has cooperated with Cirkus Cirkör on the Underman-Underart-Under trilogy. The last piece of the trilogy – the performance Under – was staged at Jatka78 in Prague (on 26 and 27 October 2017). A video interview with Olle Strandberg has been prepared by Veronika Štefanová; camera: Martin Petrásek.

Olle Strandberg has established himself as one of the most prominent directors of contemporary circus in Sweden. Since 2011, he has directed shows for Cirkus Cirkör and been in charge of the artistic research platform Cirkör LAB. The internationally recognised performances Undermän and Underarthave been performed over 500 times for a world-wide audience. The première of his new show, Under, took place in September 14 2017 at Västmanlands Teater. In parallel with his work as director, Olle explores the possibilities of creating and enabling aerial circus at a height of several thousand meters.

foto: Cirkus Cirkör