An international festival of contemporary circus organized by CIRQUEON in cooperation with the Akropolis Palace in Prague every mid February. The festival was founded in 2014 and it because a continuation of the previous cooperation of the two institutions and which realized the idea to introduce young successful circus professionals and interesting contemporary-circus projects to the Czech audience. Thus, the festival brings “the hottest and latest of the European contemporary-circus scene”.


The festival program focuses on contemporary circus with elements of contemporary dance, physical and visual theater and various genres of the current music scene. Every year, the festival hosts several foreign artist groups and produces and premieres a new performance entitled Circopolis vol. X. This new performance is rehearsed for exactly one week and presented at the very end of the festival. It is directed by a selected director or choreographer and the performers are young artists from all around Europe.


The festival also includes workshops with international artists for the public, seminars for young theater critics and at Cirqueon and many other events.