A Professional Library, An Information And Documentation Center

The goal of these activities is to create a professional information and research center which will provide information and publications (both Czech and foreign) devoted to contemporary circus. Currently, our library consists of approx. 50 books and 80 magazines and studies in the field of history of contemporary circus, circus architecture and education. We intend to keep adding new key publications at the rate of approx. 15 books a year plus a number of magazine subscriptions in order to create a complex library providing resources for theoretic research.

This effort is driven by an existing demand for a library with a professional focus on contemporary circus, as we are regularly approached by university students, professional journalists and researchers.

Apart from books, the library should also contain video recordings and DVD’s of essential performances we are able to acquire thanks to our cooperation with Hors Les Murs (the French national research center and the largest documentation center devoted to contemporary circus). Cirqueon is also member of the SIBMAS international library and museum network.

Since the beginning of 2009, the Cirqueon web portal is running at www.cirqueon.cz and provides essential information on the events in contemporary circus both in the Czech Republic and in Europe.

An important activity of the information center for contemporary circus is the organization of public discussions and seminars which contribute to the increase of public awareness and consequently also the support of contemporary circus in the Czech Republic.