9. 8. 2019, Reportáže

Wires Crossed: The adventure continues!

For the third week of training of Wires Crossed, one half of the group had the chance to be in Berlin (the other half will meet in Stokholm in the beginning of August)!

In Berlin we were surrounded by beautiful big tops.

Yes! We were in Cabuwazi space! Cabuwazi has 5 differents tents all around Berlin. We were in Tempelhof. This is a great area close to two big parks. One of them is the former airport of Tempelhof and the second is where we fixed our wires and slack lines for four days.

This week was focused on pedagogy and the aim was to teach every day some students. This time was more self-organized then last weeks but with the help of Sam from Cabuwazi and Vincent from École de Cirque de Bruxelles.

And I decided to make this report more visual, so let’s see some pictures (in the pdf below)!

Stéphanie N´Duhirahe