Support and alignment: in search of balance. Pedagogical guide

Sensation, development and creation in equilibristics

The focus group nb.2 and the INTENTS project leaders are pleased to display to you the new educational tool “ Support and alignment: in search of balance – Sensation, development and creation in equilibristics“. It derives, in particular, from the work of the associated author Agathe Dumont and her observation of the training session for circus arts teacher “Balancing and support based on hand-to-hand, hand balance and wire“, in collaboration with Soren Flor, the educational coordinator of the session.

„It is on the basis of field observations and concrete pedagogical issues that several texts are suggested to deepen, explain or question the notions linked with balance, while giving the floor to those who have animated or participated in the training. While this book is not meant to describe the exercises involved in these practice times, their observation has made it possible to draw threads and to propose different tools that can be transferred to the pedagogical practices of each one. The two main parts of the manual are: building balance and developing a connection with balance. More than methods that impose rules or protocols, these sensitive approaches allow, at a given moment, to formalise the practices and to spread them. For all that, they go far beyond speech and writing and find their full realisation only when the body is in motion. “

The manual makes it possible to formalise the practices of the professionals of today and to disseminate them. The proposals are transferable from one apparatus to another and from one practice to another and allow to start a transversal reflection on aerial skills or, more generally, on the way in which the circus arts are constantly facing, the stakes and difficulties of vertical work, weight and gravity.