Aleje is an international summer juggling and theater clinic for jugglers, theater artists and other interested parties from the field of juggling, acrobatics and other arts of contemporary circus. The workshops are taught by Czech and international lecturers. For several years, the clinic took place at the Aleje u Stonařova chateau in the Jihlava region. In 2007, it moved to a recreational facility in Budišov near Třebíč and 2015 was the first year to see it take place at the Chaloupky u Brtnice chateau in the Vysočina region. The Aleje clinic is traditionally followed by the Czech-German encounter of jugglers and clowns in Waldmünchen ( – in German).

The Aleje clinic is organized by the KUFR theater from Brno (Adéla Kratochvílová and Dáša Heilanad Trávníková).