Amanitas is a Czech independent theater company based in Prague. It was founded in 2010 by Tereza Georgievová and Linda Mikolášková who had met while performing with the Garuda group in the Antigona rock opera.

The two founding performers have used miscellaneous means of expression. They work with elements of physical theater, contemporary circus, street theater, acrobatics, fire dance and juggling. Their performance strongly rely on costumes, masks and makeup.

Amanitas aim to create shows and site-specific performances which combine dynamic motion with static images while uniting moments of fate with solemn kitsch. Their performances often deal with the subject of human identity, games and passion which burn with Amanitas omnipresent fire as flames are the primary medium of most of their performances. Amanitas is hard to categorize in a single genre. Motion, music, cyberpunk tendencies constitute the unmistakable style of the company just as much as fondness of country music, physical theater, cheesiness, pompous expression, mime, puppetry and fire dance.

Amanitas performers are professionals in their respective fields and in many cases, have been active for over 10 years. Their achievements include performances and makeup design at the Shanghai Expo (produced by Art Prometheus), appearances at the Letní Letná festival, accompanying program for Czech Tourism at expos in European capitals (produced by WOW Black Light Theatre).