Circus for Schools

If you can’t go to the circus, the circus will come to you.

We offer a special program to acquaint children and teenagers with the circus arts. An intriguing presentation with videos and photographs explains the beginnings of contemporary circus, its differences from traditional circus, introduces its pioneers and current forms in the Czech Republic and abroad including individual artists. The program is concluded by a discussion.

Contemporary circus originated in France but recently, this genre has been establishing itself around the world including the Czech Republic. Young people are becoming increasingly interested in movement-based arts of which contemporary circus is one of the most intriguing examples. Children and teenagers practice gymnastics or juggling and are keen to learn more about the contemporary circus genre. Cirqueon lectures can satisfy their curiosity.


  1. What is circus
  2. P. Astley’s modern circus
  3. The birth of contemporary circus: Foundation of public circus schools in France
  4. Pioneers of contemporary circus: From Street Theater to Contemporary Circus
  5. Categories of circus arts
  6. Contemporary circus today: World stars of contemporary circus with pictures and videos

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Šárka Maršíková