Cirk La Putyka

The largest and most successful Czech contemporary circus group. Cirk La Putyka was founded in 2009 on a behest from Rostislav Novák, its art director, actor and director. The professional circus was founded following the success of the first performance entitled La Putyka. The company has 16 members including actors, musicians, acrobats and dancers whose skills extend beyond their primary fields of aptitude. The repertory of the circus includes four performances: La Putyka, Up’end’Down, A Cirkus Bude! (The Circus Is Happening) – in co-production with the Minor theater and Slapstic Sonata. The last performance was directed by Maksim Komar of Circo Aereo, Finland.

Cirk La Putyka is based at the La Fabrika theater in the Prague quarter of Holešovice where it performs on a regular basis. In 2012, the circus added a novelty project entitled Chapiteau X which presented all their productions and a rich accompanying program at Letná in Prague during a two-month period.

Currently, Cirk La Putyka is working on a new, internationally co-produced spectacle with an international cast directed by Rosťa Novák. The circus has prior experience with international cooperation and their closest partners are Daniel Gulko and his Cie Cahin-Caha, Bonaventura Gacon, The Race Horse Company and Circus Cirkör.

Cirk La Putyka has participated in both domestic and foreign festivals, such as EXPO – Shanghai, the Divadelná Nitra festival, Letní Letná, Days of Prague in Sarajevo, the Tampere festival, Terrassa Noves Tendéncies in Spain, Tini Tinou in Kambodia, Tokio, the FRINGE festival in Edinburgh, Sydney in Australia, the Helsinki National Theater and others.