An exclusive circus night at Palác Akropolis! What’s going on at the shut-down factory in the Nusle quarter of Prague, now occupied by Cirqeuon – A Center For Contemporary Circus? Ladies and gentleman and boys and girls are busy doing aerial acrobatics, juggling and pairing up in dance, artists are rehearsing new performances and everybody is sweating in training sessions.
SHOW MUST GO cirqueON offers an overview of these activities.

This unique project prepared for Palác Akropolis by Cirqueon’s professional acrobats and their students will be presented only once, featuring:

  • Bratři v Tricku
  • Circle Circus
  • Eliška Brtnická and ZKUS
  • Pavla Fridrichová and Tomáš Pártl
  • Kristýna Liška Boková and Petra Brabencová
  • Lenka Bartůňková, Klára Hajdinová and Josef Toman
  • Tereza Georgievová
  • and a magician may magically appear.

Director: Janek Lesák
Video: Bára Stejskalová
Production: Lucie Špačková
Created with support of the Život Umělce foundation. Thank you!