Cirque Garuda

A group of artists whose fundamental intention is sensitive blending of juggling techniques, fire dance, acrobatics, physical theater, classical clown art and the legacy of both traditional and contemporary circus. The story of a theater performance isn’t just a hypnotic play, it’s also a dance and acting display with inseparable means of expression. Garuda was founded in 2007 by artists who had been performing individually since as early as 1997 and who had met through their involvements in other groups and street theaters.

Cirque Garuda’s performances bring together elements of acrobatics, experimental juggling and dance with interactive projections and video mapping in a unique concept of motion theater which catapults the audience into a visual world of imagination, animation and circus techniques. The stage design is almost exclusively created with light projections which keeps perpetually transforming in connection with the movement of the acrobats.