Cirqueon As An Expert Entity

Cirqueon drove the creation of the unique program concept of the Cirk-UFF contemporary circus festival in Trutnov, Czech Republic (

Veronika Štefanová and Šárka Maršíková wrote an analysis of the state of contemporary circus in the Czech Republic for the NAKI project of The Arts And Theatre Institute.

Professional cooperation with The Arts And Theatre Institute has been made official by appointing David Kašpar to the program council of the institute.

Cirqueon takes part in discussions on the subject of foundation of a professional circus school in the Czech Republic which could come to existence as a part of the Academy of Performing Arts. The planning team is making proposals for the curriculum and faculty leadership.

Cirqueon provided the acrobatic elements of the “Vánoční koleda” (Christmas Carrol) project of the DVA Studio performed at the Hybernia theater (premiered Nov. 22, 2011).

At the end of the year, Cirqueon’s choreographers were approached by the Komedie theater for consultations and cooperation on a performance entitled Odpad, Město, Smrt directed by Dušan Pařízek (premiered Dec. 15, 2011).