A fantasy for a puppet, two actors and acrobats, a tree branch, a rope, a ship, a cage, a sharp hook… all sprinkled with some magic powder. “Back off, dear lady, nobody can have me, nobody can make me a man!” This is a story of a little boy who refused to grow up… To be a child forever, never to step into the reality, to live in an imaginary world, to be free… The eternal Peter Pan is a mirage of many children or adults. The world he creates for himself is perfect. Time isn’t important there and every moment is filled with adventure. In this world, there are two mad characters: a whimsical, innocently pure and furious Fairy who is so tiny that she can only hold one emotion at a time, and a cruel, elegant but mortal Pirate who is scared of two things only: the sight of his own blood and the passage of time.

Groundless” is a story suspended somewhere between Imaginary Earth and the real world, in an unusual place and an undetermined time where childhood hasn’t completely ended yet…

Original idea: Véronic Joly, Seiline Vallée and Salvi Salvatore, inspired by Peter Pan by James Matthew Barrie

Directed by: Véronic Joly and Décalages

Music: Daniel Fikejz

Puppet: Matěj Němeček and Daniela Klimešová

Stage Design: Matěj Němeček

Costumes: Daniela Klimešová

Light Design: Robert Janč

Performers: Seiline Vallée a Salvi Salvatore

Project: Décalages – Divadlo v pohybu

Production: ART Prometheus o.s. – Lenka Bočková, Jakub Vedral

Co-Production: Experimentální prostor Roxy / NOD