Décalages is a Czech-French theater based in Prague and founded by Seiline Vallée and Salvi Salvatore in 2007. The two artists met while working at the Continuo Theater which they were members of for several years. Their most prominent and successful project at Continuo was “Letokruhy” (Growth Rings) which met with much success with its audience.




Both artists have come into contact with many miscellaneous styles of expression. They worked with the principles and elements of contemporary circus, physical, street, puppet and classical theater as well as many other art forms. Décalages aims to create performances rooted in real life and specific intense situations. Their transposition to theater results in a poetic visual language which mingles aerial acrobatics, music, dance, stage design and drama theater. Décalages has performed in many different European countries, the performers meet international artists and use the blending of different genres and cultures as a key element in their shows. These encounters take place on the theatrical, acrobatic as well as human level.




During its relatively short existence, Décalages created three performances:

– POSEDLOST (Obsession – directed by Irina Andreeva),

– TaBALADA (TheBalad – with directing and artistic supervision by Zoja Mikotová)

– BEZ ZEMĚ (Groundless – directed by Véronic Joly)

Décalages also offers workshops and creative seminars devoted to the exploration of the combination of theater and motion while developing physical fitness which enables the participants to expand their creative abilities.