A COPRODUCTION PROJECT OF MINOR THEATER AND CIRK LA PUTYKA. At an elementary-school reunion party, former schoolmates reminisce about their school years. Do you remember the time you shut me inside the blackboard? And how they would always pull our ears? IN an instant transformation, we find ourselves in first grade. Incredible school stories are relived in an incredible acrobatic style. Valentine discovers the secret of the school blackboard. Cecilia’s misbehavior causes everybody to learn to fly. Who is the best calculus teacher? You’ll find out at the circus!

A contemporary-circus-style performance combines acrobatics, dance, music, puppets in the embrace of poetic theatrical playfulness.

Concept: Miloš Macourek

Written and directed by: Rostislav Novák

Lyrics: Petr Vodička

Artistic Supervision: Martin Tichý

Music: Jan Matásek

Stage Design: Hynek Dřízhal

Costumes: Kristina Záveská

Choreography: Lenka Vágnerová

Photography: Martin Faltus

Performers: Anna Nováková, Anna Schmidtmajerová, Michal Boltnar,Vojtěch Fülep, Václav Krátký, Gustav Hašek, Dan Komarov, Ondřej Nosálek, Rostislav Novák st., Zbyněk Šporc, Jiří Weissmann, Jan Zadražil

Band: Jan Hrovatitsch, Jan Matásek, Dalibor Mucha, Petr Stach

Tickets: www.minor.cz

Premiere: September 25, 2011

Length: 110 minutes with an intermission

Suitable for ages 5+