FireDance Company

A group of professional performers who have been refining the art of fire dance for many years and who keep searching for new challenges to drive their artistic growth.

Tereza Kerle

Dancer, choreographer, percussionist, performer, founder of the FireDance Company, front woman of the Marimba Mama band.

– Since 2003, Tereza performed with the PaLiTchi fire dance group.

– Since 2004, she is a full-time artist (dance, music, martial arts) performing in the Czech Republic and abroad

– 2006-2008, completed a dance course with Monika Rebcová at KATaP of the Prague Academy of Performing Arts

– 2007-2008, created a dance choreography for the Antigona musical and performed in the show

– 2009, dance and music training in Guinée-Conakry, Africa

– 2010 – 2011, dance and music training in Mali, Africa

– 2012, studies Theater And Performance In Non-Traditional Spaces at The Prague Academy of Performing Arts (KALD/DAMU)

Tomáš Gyanpuri Soukup

Professional actor, dancer and performer active in various martial arts.

– A professional actor, graduated from the Prague Conservatory

– Formerly, actor at the Malé Divadlo Loutkohra in České Budějovice, Czech Republic and Divadlo Alfa in Pislen, Czech Republic

– Currently actor at the Polárka theater in Brno, Czech Republic and performer in FireDance Company

Monika Baťková

Experienced in the 5-rhythm dance, contact improvisation, Gurdieff movements, art therapy,… Actress in several English-language theater productions (Agamemnon, Faustus, Marat de Sade).


production manager: Tereza Kerle


tel.: (+420) 728 521 863