Forman Brothers‘ Theatre is a living community without a permanent stage or company, a community bound by shared views on work and style of life, a community of theater nomads who believe in the magic of travel and adventure. Motion, play, encounters and independence often bring them to non-theater environments with a provocative atmosphere, history or innate energy. Every new project brings together a new team which creates a different, characteristic momentum and its special mood which is necessary in order for the right theatrical form to be found. The Forman Brothers‘ Theatre encompasses possibly all genres of theater and makes use of visual and motion theater as well as slapstick comedy. Currently, the theater is touring Europe with its Obludárium (Freak Show) and the two brothers are directing performances at the National Theater in Prague and other Czech and international stages. Thanks to the Forman Brothers, the Mystery Theater Boat (Divadelní Loď Tajemství) cruises the Vltava river and currently hosts a whole range of independent theater companies. Every new project of the Forman Brothers‘ Theater is an innovative, unparalleled theatrical undertaking which both the general and professional audience always look forward to.