A brand new, young, (so far) unique in the Czech lands, pumping, tricky and most of all, fresh festival of young CIRCUS!

FrešManéž is a four-day encounter of young (i.e., fledgling) circus artists and their teachers from the Czech Republic and its neighborhood, which aims to share circus skills and experiences through various activities (workshops, shared training sessions, games, …). For participants aged 12+ (participants under 18 years fo age mus be accompanied by at least one adult per group).


The festival takes place at the new Manéž multifunctional venue and its neighborhood, it is organized by Circus LeGrando in Brno and it includes a program for the public. The participants spent together days full of circus, workshops, training, exchanging inspiration, skills and having fun together. The general public can enjoy circus performances in the evenings.


More information can be found on facebook.