HENDICIRK Workshop for Lecturers of Social Circus

A weekend encounter of professionals in the field of social circus will take place at Světovar in Plzeň, Czech Republic, on April 12 to April 14.

This second social-circus weekend will focus on the use of circus techniques for work with handicapped people (hence “HENDICIRK” from the Czech spelling of the word “hendikep”.) The weekend includes a juggling workshop with Petter Wadsten from Sweden who currently performs in the Risk production by Cirk La Putyka. More information about Petter can be found on his web site: www.petterwadsten.com.

Workshop program:

FRIDAY, April 12

6pm arrival, accommodation, an information session

SATURDAY, April 13

9:30am opening, program and themes review

10:00am an ethical codex for social-circus lecturers (comments, discussion of its necessity and usefulness)

11:30am break

11:45am game exchange

1:00pm lunch

3:00pm discussion of the possibilities of circus for work with the handicapped

4:30pm break

4:45pm work in two groups – inventing games and testing them on the other group

6:30pm circus man’s leisure time – unguided playtime

SUNDAY, April 14

11:00am a workshop with Petter Wadsten (juggling and object manipulation)

2:00pm lunch

3:00pm workshop for seniors

4:30pm feedback, conclusion

The participation fee for the weened workshop is CZK250 which covers the entire program including the workshop with Petter Wandsten and accommodation at a hostel near Světovar.

The number of participants is limited. A group (organization) can send at most 2 participants. Individual arrangements for the Sunday workshop with Petter can be made for people outside the weekend program.

Contact: Barbora Adolfová, e-mail: barbora@cirqueon.cz, tel.: (+420) 608 957 317.

Apply ASAP, the number of participants is limited.