Kruhová parabola

Kruhová Parabola is a Prague-based juggling group founded in 2005 on the basis of a need to bring experienced jugglers together to create a space for the realization of new tricks and ideas. Currently, the group consists of four jugglers with 5 to 10 years of juggling experience.

Kruhová Parabola intends to impress and at the same time, entertain the broadest audience. To this end, they utilize a wide variety of juggling techniques including clowning and other means of expression. Their shows are inspired by non-verbal theater as well as classical and contemporary circus. Nevertheless, they aim to preserve their distinctive identity and keep their performances unique. Apart from expanding their own skills, the group also cares about passing its experience to both beginner and advanced jugglers. Their field of interest encompasses classical juggling with balls and clubs as well as the diabolo, contact juggling and spinning fire chains.

Currently, Kruhová parabola is a well-established company which gets invited to miscellaneous events and participates in festivals in both the Czech Republic and around the world. In the recent years, the festivals they have taken part in giving performances and workshops include Letní Letná, Mezi Ploty and Mighty Sounds.

The group also strives to develop and expand the Czech juggling scene. Its members are experienced juggling teachers who enjoy passing their skills and advice on how to overcome the difficult beginnings to participants in workshops of this increasingly popular past-time activity.