La Putyka

La Putyka by Rostislav Novák and the SKUTR directing duo has attained a cult status and combines acrobatics, dance, puppets and athletic performances in an original take on contemporary circus which views the atmosphere of a Czech pub through the lens of a sobering beer mug. The show discovers bar fantasies and an altered reality when the laws of physics are temporarily suspended and the audience witnesses unexpected acrobatic, musical and physical phenomena. The things that run through the heads of bar regulars are depicted by Czech champions in acrobatic trampolining, professional dancers and a Wu-Shu champion.


The main goal of the original style of La Putyka is to steer clear of copying the French sources of contemporary circus. “Of course we are inspired by France which is the cradle of contemporary circus but the French have wine and Czechs have beer. Therefore, our show is based on the Czech beer culture. La Putyka is beer-style contemporary circus”, explains Rostislav Novák, the author of the project.

The show is accompanied by the live music of Tros Discotekos (Vojtěch Dyk, Jakup Prachař, Jan Maxián) which becomes an inseparable part of the atmosphere of the piece and adds drive to the action. La Putyka was first shown at the Archa theater in Prague in 2008. The premiere took place at La Fabrika in Prague on April 21, 2009.


The Team


Concept and directed by: Rostislav Novák & SKUTR

Music: Jan Maxián, Vojtěch Dyk, Jakub Prachař

Stage Design: Hynek Dřízhal and others

Costumes: Kristýna Záveská


Performers: Jiří Kohout, Petr Horníček, Jiří Weissmann, Lenka Vágnerová, Pavel Mašek, Petr Dejl, Tereza Toběrná, Zbyněk Šporc, Rostislav Novák, Anna Schmidtmaierová, Vojtěch Fülep


Production, PR: Vít Novák, Rostislav Novák, Kristýna Milaberská


The project was supported by: The City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Život Umělce Foundation, Archa Theater, Zahrada, o.p.s., Scénografie s.r.o., Dance Perfect, Cirqueon