La Putyka At The Fringe Festival On Radio Wave

La Putyka’s original approach to contemporary circus captivated the audience of Edinburgh’s prestigious Fringe Festival which ranks among the largest artistic events in Europe. Thousands of artists gather in the Scottish metropolis for 3 weeks to impress not only the audience but most importantly, a plethora of attending international producers and festival directors. The road of Cork La Putyka to the Fringe wasn’t an easy one as Rosťa Novák, its director, testifies: “We spent 2 years preparing for the event. Originally, we wanted to go to Fringe the first year after La Putyka was founded but it didn’t work out because we didn’t manage to get enough financing. We postponed the trip to this year when we already had somewhat larger support from the Prague Magistrate and the Ministry of Culture. Still, these resources didn’t account even for half the expenses related to our appearance at the Fringe. If it weren’t for our sponsors, we wouldn’t be able to attend. You have to pay for everything – from makeup to theater rent, to the printing of leaflets of which we used around 12 thousand – yourself.”


Listen to the full report (in Czech) here.