Letní Letná Turns 10!

This year’s edition of the Letní Letná festival is an opportunity to celebrate not only its tenth anniversary but also the very genre of contemporary circus by bringing outstanding international circus companies and making the festival program even more exciting than usual.

We already know this year’s program will be extraordinary. State-of-the-art aerial acrobatics on high metal wires, trapeze, vertical (Chinese) pole and ropes, plus comedy, poetic atmosphere, danger and the turbulent life of Antoine Rigot, the founder and director of Les Colporteurs company, are the basic ingredients of the brand new Le Bal Des Intouchables performance which will be presented at Letní Letná 2013.

Last year, three prominent European contemporary circus companies – Cirkus Cirkör from Sweden, Cahin-Caha from France and Cirk LaPutyka from the Czech Republic- piqued the curiosity of Letní Letná audiences with their joint cabaret entitled Lacrimae and this year, each company will bring its own finished show. What creative path have the three companies taken over the past year? Cirkus Cirkör, Cahin-Caha and Cirk LaPutyka bring three unique experiences in three original shows.

Ticket sales begin in the e-shop on March 18.

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