Master Class: Acquiring Aerial Skills For New Creations – CALL FOR ARTISTS

Are you planning to use aerial acrobatics in your new performance or would you like to try to make an artistic creation in a large height? Les Halles in Brussels is organizing a master class as a part of the European Circus Work Ahead! project.

The seminar will take place in the main hall of the Les Halles space and participants will have the chance to try various techniques and technical tricks with trapezes, silks, nets, climbing ropes and use two platforms 6m above the floor. You can try wall dancing, the flying trapeze, etc. We offer you an experiment to expand your horizons and push the boundaries of your creations. This seminar will help you boost your self confidence and skills through experimentation in large heights with quality security (a session on security in elevated work will be a part of the seminar).

The seminar will conclude with a public presentation of all participating artists.

Lecturer and guarantor: Fill Deblock (Belgium) – Fill Deblock specializes in the trapeze, vertical rope and bungees. He founded L’atelier du Trapèze, a school of flying-trapeze acrobatics which is currently the European cutting edge in its field.

This workshop is open to young professional artists who don’t necessarily need to have any experience with aerial acrobatics and who are interested in developing their skills in the air (e. g., hand-to-hand acrobatics on an elevated platform, juggling in the air, etc.). The workshop is meant to support your current work and develop your skills for new creative efforts.

The workshop can accommodate 10 participants from the EU.

The workshop is free, travel, accommodation and board are included in the project.

Deadline for application: June 5, 2013

Send your professional CV and a cover letter to

The seminar is apart of the Circus Work Ahead European project partnered by KIT (Copenhagen International Theater, Denmark), Circa (France), Les Halles (Brussels, Belgium) and Cirqueon (Prague, Czech Republic).