MIME FEST is an international festival of mime theater which cooperates with foreign festivals, schools and significant institutions from the field of mime art, places them in a broader European context and opens new possibilities for encounters of artists. The program focuses on professional artists and a broad range of styles of mime theater. The festival is centered around offering support to the young generation and education – the festival offers workshops and seminars taught by experts and aimed at students of artistic schools as well as the broad public. Thus, MIME FEST becomes a unique platform which expands the awareness of the current world mime scene.


The festival first took place in September 2012 in Polička and it was a four-day vent. Its success allowed the second edition of the festival to take seven days. In 2014, the festival opened simultaneously in both its home town and Prague and attracted a total of 4000 spectators. During the three years of the festival, its workshops attracted the participation of over 250 students of artistic schools and the festival offered performances by over 200 artists from 14 countries (USA, Egypt, Ecuador, Germany, Finland, France, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Georgia, Russia, Malaisia and The Czech Republic).


Over the past four years, the MIME FEST organizers have managed to create a festival which acquired the prestigious European EFFE label as a guarantee of prestige and high quality.


Organizer: Mime Prague z.s.


MgA. Radim Vizváry, Ph.D. – Artistic Director and Program Director

Jakub Urban – Production Manager