New Nordic Circus Network

Since 2007, Scandinavian countries have been running their own contemporary-circus network called New Nordic Circus Network (NNCN). Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark participate in the project with the aim to support and develop traditional and contemporary circus arts in their territories. The financial, organizational and educational cooperation of the four countries offers contemporary circus a chance to find its own place in the sun next to other art forms in the cultural landscape of Northern Europe.

Cooperating organizations:

  • Denmark: Københavns Internationale Teater

  • Finland: Finnish Circus Information Centre

  • Norway: The Circus Village Network Norway

  • Sweden: Subtopia


  • development of supporting activities for circus troupes and individual artists

  • production management in Northern-European and other countries

  • organization of events, festivals, workshops and conferences related to circus

The Year of Nordic Circus 2011 is an opportunity for contemporary-circus artists from Nordic countries to present the Northern-European flavor of contemporary circus both at home and abroad. The project involves a systematic development of the cultural, political, artistic, educational, research and social dimensions of contemporary circus. At the same time, Nordic circus arts represent an effective tool to deal with problems related to the integration of the society in the freshly multicultural Scandinavia as the circus arts speak in the language of body movement which overcomes the barriers of languages.


More information on Scandinavian circus can be found at the NNCN web site: