The latest performance by Cirk La Putyka and the first to include an international cast features new techniques, live music, projections and also flying daggers and a cup of tea seven meters above the ground.

Is it possible to be addicted to risk? How many people actively seek risk and how many have you found themselves in a risky situation by accident? How many are afraid? What happens to a people on the edge? Do they manage not to slip and walk away with a new experience? If they fall down, does life start all over again? In such moments, is it possible to find freedom, happiness and euphoria and be able to laugh and live life to the fullest? YES, it is! The Risk show is the essence of imagination and freedom of movement in constraints full of paradoxes, colors and emotion.

The Risk performance has been created within the LACRIMAE project – a unique, long term cooperation of top-notch foreign artist companies. The project was realized in three regions which correspond to the idea of a triangle: Sweden (Cirkus Cirkör), Czech Republic (Cirk La Putyka) and France (Cahin Caha).

The project purports to seek new circus techniques, uses of new materials and application of new stage-design and technical approaches. The project uses puppet theater in relation to acrobatics and modern dance, live music on the stage, simple, everyday materials and fusion of dance with a physical disability.

Length: 120 minutes

Suitable for children from 10 years of age.

Premieres on January 17, 2013.

Reviewed in Taneční zóna.