The goal of the studio is to pass tools, direction and possible approaches to work to young artists active in physical theater and performance. Through exchange, reflections and listening, we aim to offer a frame and an environment for their own creation and research. The curriculum, workshops and artistic projects realized at the studio demand high commitment and perpetual evolution on the part of the students.


The teaching process emphasizes the range of possible approaches (literary, musical, choreography-based, visual) which are the basis and provide the power and richness of physical theater, the relationships between stage and cinematic expression and also the variety of spaces (street, outdoors) and social context for plays and performances. The ultimate purpose is to develop the living, creative imagination of the body especially in the context of various techniques.


We also emphasize physical performance and precise knowledge of the human body as a tool for expression of emotions and imaginary worlds.


The teachers of the studio include Zdenka Brungot-Svíteková, Anna Caunerová, Ondřej Cihlář, Veronika Kolečkářová, Barbora Látalová, Pierre Nadaud, Ladislava Petišková, Zuzana Sýkorová, Jarmila Turbová, Ctibor Turba, Jiří Vanýsek and Pavel Zatloukal.