The Cirqueon Plan For 2012

The project of long-term support of contemporary circus in the Czech Republic is realized by Zahrada o.p.s.. which was founded in 2007 for the purpose of organizing cultural and social activities which cultivate the cultural and social awareness of general public.


  • Operation of Cirqueon – A Center For Contemporary Circus, education, courses
  • Promotion of social circus
  • Support of creation of new performance projects
  • Providing rehearsal space for group and individual artists
  • Education of professionals in the field of contemporary circus techniques
  • Operation and expansion of a professional library and a documentation center
  • Research and promotional activities
  • International cooperation and its expansion


Plan of Activities for 2012:

  1. Realization of regular and one-time classes of circus techniques
  2. Realization of of regular social-circus classes at the Bohnice Psychiatric Institution
  3. Providing rehearsal facilities to group and individual artists in the field of contemporary circus and theater (Bratři v Tricku, Décalages and others)
  4. One-time support for new performance projects (residencies, consultations, presentation abroad)
  5. Support for education of professionals (residencies abroad, Education on Circus, FEDEC)
  6. Operation of an information center for contemporary circus (a web site, a database, information on events in the EU, public debates and seminars, advocacy)
  7. Realization of international projects (Education in Circus, The Circle Arts)