Volunteering At A Circus School Through The EVS Program

The Le plus petit cirque du monde v Bagneaux organization based in a metropolitan area in the south of Paris, France, a member of the CARAVAN network, which focuses – among other activities – on social circus projects, is announcing a call for volunteers through the European volunteering program (EVS). They are looking primarily for young people who are interested in contemporary circus and circus techniques and who would like to try to assist in teaching of various types of circus classes, administration related to circus projects, and other activities which they could benefit from. The volunteer service start in September 2013 and ends in July 2014 and the volunteers will be provided accommodation, pocket money and travel expenses around the city. They will be able to learn (French language, circus courses) and they will have a fixed work time with a set number of days for leave. A command of French is an advantage but in case a volunteer is not ambitious about his involvement in artistic activities, it is not necessary.


More information is attached to this article. If you are interested in applying for a volunteer position, send your CV and a cover letter to this address:

Floriane Saintongey



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