The “1. gymnastické kolo CZ” association (1st Gymnastic Wheel, CZ) supports, develops and promotes the German wheel (also known as the gymnastic wheel) as an athletic discipline while emphasizing its use in art. Apart from its own projects, the association is also involved in non‑commercial educational activities. Its members organize projects, seminars and conferences aiming at creating conditions and opportunities for international cooperation focused on projects which combine sports and arts. The fundamental goal of the association is to make the German wheel an open discipline which inspires artists and fans from the fields of arts and sports.

The German wheel or Rhönrad consists of two rings (wheels) of equal size connected with six rungs. The diameter of the wheels depends on the height of the users it is intended for. In Western Europe, the German Wheel is a popular discipline with a long tradition. The association offers individual trainings and summer seminars. Its members used the German Wheel in the Výletnice (Travelers) performance. The wheels were also featured on the stage of the National Theater and in various one-off projects and events.

Coordinator: Blank Borůvková

Acrobats: Jana Housenka Cimfe, Olga Brožová, Gábina Berková, Máša Rellichová, Lenka Jánová